Active Kids 2.0

Let’s Dance!

Active Kids offers a variety of classes including cheer, dance, gymnastics, yoga, karate, boxing, and more! But why dance?

Well dance has many important benefits, and can be essential in a child’s life. Dance not only gets you up and moving, but it can be a great creative outlet and confidence booster!

Dance improves coordination and balance. Dance helps young children figure out how to skip and the coordination behind it. Dance will also lengthen the amount of time you can balance, and allow you to balance in new and exciting ways! These lead to long lasting benefits, and they will follow you throughout your life.

Dance increases your flexibility. Having a bigger range of motion decreases your chance of being injured in physical activities and day to day movement.

Dance builds strength! You might not think that dancers look very strong, but that is not the case! Dancers are constantly building strength especially in their core. Dance requires you to constantly be holding your center to reduce the risk of injury and improve the efficiency of your movement.

Dance is a physical workout, but it is also a wonderful creative outlet. Playing music and letting your child improv (freestyle) is a great way for them to move and express themselves!

This leads to our last point, dance is a great confidence booster! Dance makes people happy, and allows them to move without feeling judged . Even the shyest kids can take a dance class and be ready to take on the world!

Now that you know some important benefits of dance, let’s get moving!!!

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