Active Kids 2.0

Dancing During A Pandemic

Usually the quote goes “If you fail to plan you plan to fail”. Before our eyes the world is pondering more about what the future will unveil in our “New Normal”. Different households have different emotions with millions out of work, including professional dancers.

What will the dance look like in the next two years in this industry? Right now competitions are held virtually, cruise lines performers and Broadway is postponed, and schooling is being done virtually. From distress and uncertainty, what is a positive that can we leave with?

While teaching virtually is a new adjustment, this new approach has actually brought new light into making a new connection with people, and quite humorous to how children can still have fun and be eager to engage with technology.

Personally, this pandemic has brought light into my life about learning who I am as a woman and how spread my gift of dance to this country who loves my choreography.

This is why I enjoy working with businesses like Active Kids, because it has provided a new outlet of keeping children active while

safe virtually and taking stress of educators in school systems. It’s so easy being negative during this time period, but there is so much positive than what people realize when having a new mindset.

Adapting to the new world is never easy, but when you have the right tools used, you’ll be surprised how things work out for the better. 

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